Talkin' Turkey


Turkey Talk 

Some fun facts about our favorite fowl...


·      According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Minnesota is the top turkey-producing state in America, with a planned production total of 45.5 million in 2009. Just six states—Minnesota, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, and California—will probably produce two-thirds of the estimated 2750 million birds that will be raised in the U.S.

·      President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795.

·      Domesticated turkeys cannot fly, however wild turkeys can fly up to 55 miles per hour over short distances.

·      In a National Turkey Federation survey, nearly 88% of Americans said they eat turkey at Thanksgiving. The average weight of Thanksgiving turkeys purchased is 15 pounds, which equates to 690 million pounds of turkey consumed in the U.S. during Thanksgiving in 2007.

·      Turkeys are known to spend the night in trees! Perhaps they are looking to escape the Thanksgiving table?

·      A turkey's field of vision is 270 degrees, and it is one of the main reasons they're able to elude some hunters.

·      A turkey under 16 weeks of age is called a fryer. A five to seven month old turkey is called a roaster.