Cookware Is Our Specialty 

Cookware has been in existence in one form or another ever since our ancestors discovered how to control fire. From the time when early Neanderthals decided that simply throwing a slab of meat on a hot stone would not be sufficient as a tool to prepare all of their meals or satisfy their appetite; cook wear has persistently changed in order to serve the purpose of assisting us in consuming great meals in an efficient manner.

In the early era of a hunting and gathering society it would be common to utilize a turtle shell (or a similar material) to boil water over an open fire due to its ability to withstand high temperatures or to cover foods with clay or large leaves to trap in the moisture. Bamboo tubes sealed at the end with clay provided a functional container in Asia, while the inhabitants of the Tehuacan Valley began carving large stone bowls that were permanently set into a fireplace as early as 7000 BC. Our modern society has made great strides in innovation since that time, leading to the invention of technology that allows us to produce affordable nonstick cookware comprised of a variety of other materials, including aluminum and stainless steel, that individually add a different element to each line of cookware’s style, convenience, and flavor it can create.

Since the early 1900’s, WearEver Cookware has embraced advancements in the field of cookware, progressing and perfecting its own line of aluminum cooking products to make food preparation at home enjoyable and convenient. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years though is the quality of our products to withstand wherever life takes you.