Think you can't find brand name, quality cookware at a price that fits your budget?

Think again. You can find what you're looking for in Mirro's aluminum nonstick and brushed cookware. And its price range makes it very affordable

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Canning Accessories 

Pressure Cookers and Canning Accessories

We offer a full range of canning supplies 


We offer a whole range of canning supplies and other accessories you may need to enhance your cooking, save time, and even stretch food dollars. Why not discover the joys of canning? Nothing's better than delicious garden-grown vegetables over the winter season.

Canning Accessories:

  • - Canning Funnel
  • - Canning Food Press w/wooden pestle
  • - Tool/Lifter (Jar)
  • - Canning Jar Opener
  • - Jelly Strainer Assembly w.Bag
  • - Jelly Strainer Bags

Features & Benefits: 

  • - Products for a variety of canning needs
  • - Rust-proof Aluminum and other durable materials
  • - Sturdy construction for years of use